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Kurwongbah Representatives

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Campaign Support

Without the support of volunteers and donors it is impossible to win an election.

Ideally the process of engaging with voters to get that support should start after the last election has finished. Due to a range of reason I was not able to do this.

I know it is a big job to pull together the support I need to stand for election as an Independent in Kurwongbah. If you are passionate about the Will of the Voters being faithfully represented in the Queensland Parliament then I would really appreciate you direct support.

I recently heard an older, wiser Australian on the radio talking about what was wrong with our democracy and what had to be done to fix it. He said:

"that what was wrong would not get fixed until enough Australians got off their backsides and joined together to do something about it themselves because the people in power who are benefiting from the status quo had no reason to fix it and every reason to keep it the way it is".

Are you one of those Australians?

Support Options:

Donate via GoFundMe


We are voters
We are Sovereign
We do not want a party puppet as our representative
WE want OUR WILL to be DONE