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Kurwongbah Representatives

100% Guaranteed Representation

Dear Voters of Kurwongbah

My name is Thor Prohaska and I'm standing as the Independent Candidate for Kurwongbah at the 2017 Queensland State Election.

I believe that  your representative should represent what you and the majority in the electorate want. Not what the representative wants, or a party wants and especially not what the donors with bags of money want.

I say that a Direct Representative Democracy that puts Policy first is the best model to get the most democratic outcome for the voters in an electorate.

I have a plan to make this happen by:

  • Establishing local community representation networks across the whole electorate.
  • Identifying and supporting local community and policy representatives who will represent their local networks.
  • Holding Policy Party Nights where voters & representatives in the local community can meet in a structured fun social setting to debate policies important to them and to reach a local community consensus on those policies.
  • Using the web application VoteWrap for online collaboration to build an electorate wide consensus on all the policies started at the local community levels.

I look forward to joining with all the voters in Kurwongbah who believe that Independent Representation without the interference of political parties is the best form of democracy.

Faithfully 'Your Representative',

Thor Prohaska
Independent Candidate for Kurwongbah
Queensland Legislative Assembly
0488 764 636 -



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I, Thor Prohaska, as a Kurwongbah Representative pledge I WILL represent the Sovereign Will of the voters to the elected member for Kurwongbah on all polices that are of importance to the voters of Kurwongbah.


We are voters
We are Sovereign
We do not want a party puppet as our representative
WE want OUR WILL to be DONE